Wishful Thinking

by Nikko Miles



I wish I could've
met Free on 106 & park
I wish I could've, put a music video on the box
I wish it was on mtv Jamz
I wish I smoked with M-E-T-H-O-D, Man
& I wish my label mass produced tapes
I wish that Big Pun & Biggie Smalls had a chance to correlate
I wish I made a hit with Michael Jackson
I wish I talked with 2Pac about black panthers & civil actions
I wish I had a deal with Roc-a-Fella
I wish I had the beat first for "Put it in your mouth" by Akinyele
I wish I was cool as Snoop's freezer
& wish I knew Timbaland, Magoo, Missy & Aaliyah
I wish the crown was still up for the taking
I wish my name was written in the booth of rap city in the basement
I wish these new slaves took a vacation
& let a whole new generation take over the spots that's vacant

& I wish I met slim shady when he had bleach blonde hair
Wish I fucked Mya on the beach in a lawn chair
Or on my kitchen counter… or in a laundry room
Or in a broom closet… or in
OK, you get the point, I wanna hit Mya like a joint
& I wish DMX's growl was on a song with Jeezy's voice
I wish I worked Kanye to the when he was diggin crates
I wish Juelz & wayne dropped I can't feel my face
I wish I was on the Arsenio Hall show
Wish I performed with Busta when his dreads were long tho
I wish I made a guest appearance on Illmatic
Wish I could flow as fast as Bone when they were still at it

I wish I never heard illuminati rumors
Wish Pete Rock & DJ Premiere were the top producers
I wish Diddy was still Puffy with Harlem shooters
I wish that label execs weren't like prosecutors
I wish I knew ice cube, when he stepped off from ruthless
I wish these kids would stop takin deals that prostitute em
Sometimes I wish I continued being a college student
Cuz I believe the psychology of it all is stupid

that's in the past now but we are the future
I wish I could see all of your faces while I'm talkin to ya
I wish I could be all them places I'd be walkin to ya
Weapon Of Choice video I'm Christopher Walken to ya

no shame in my game
I walked for miles I mean like the same as my name
things have changed
My viewpoint ain't the same
The secret is out
we all know how to play in the game
Follow the code
no school, but honor your role
They give you the look, to see if you got the control
Put on a good show, which means brainwash em like clothes
This game may be dirty but it can get you dollars for sure
I'm giving you game... from what I see using this ink pen
I wish that it wasn't like that but that would be wishful thinking


released 11 January 2015
Mixed by Nikko Miles & Yizzleman Boomin'.



all rights reserved


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